Everything about working with Vicki was a pleasure. Initial communication was excellent and remained so throughout the duration of the project. Vicki understood exactly what my requirements were and took care of everything. Vicki delivered the project on time and within a very reasonable budget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicki to anyone looking for a professional Interior designer who gets things done with no fuss.


Vicki is very professional . I never met her in person cause i work abroad.
All we had were just emails, and sometimes calls. She listened and she delivers. I told her what i want and what i need she gave it to me as expected. Trust was what i gave her and it was paid with an excellent job .
One more most important thing, she is very reliable and that is something for a person like me , who deals about the project long distance is of high importance. My unit is so beautiful because of her.

Simpa Ganadillo

I was able to know about Vicki when I was browsing the web in search for an interior designer. I came across this website and liked most of her projects.

There were actually, 2 of them that I was considering. But I was lucky to have ended choosing Vicki as I was really happy with her work. She was able to met my time frame of two weeks. Though it was a short period, my unit was well done. As I live abroad, I entrusted Vicki with everything. We only communicate through emails. Everything that she had done and choose was of my liking, from the kitchen tiles, wall paint to beddings to the scent of the diffuser, etc.

And since my unit comes with few furniture, she would try to make use of what is already there. I never felt that I have been ripped off (cause sometimes it’s a concern when you are not physically present to oversee the work). All the materials and furniture were priced reasonably and are of quality.

She is also very professional to deal with. She keeps you updated and informed of the changes on the initial plans and budget. I am really fortunate to have found Vicki. I am really happy with my place now (though I will only get to stay there twice a year). I would like want to work with Vicki in the future for few enhancements.

I would allow Vicki to post the before and after photos if she wants to, so people can see how she’d done magic on my unit. =)

Cecile Guidote

She was able to execute the look and feel of the place according to our expectations and given budget which was perfect!