Vicki Leyson-Bitanga is first and foremost a mother to two, Tiger, 13 years old and Brielle, who is 10 years old. She is a freelance Interior Designer, based in Manila, whose designs have been published in MYHOME magazine.

This multi-talented Glam-O-Mama is also one of the co-founders of Jellybaby, Inc, a company that imports and distributes the brand, California Baby products in the Philippines AND the President of Unimind, Inc., a real-estate leasing and sales company.

Vicki resided in the States for about 23 years, working as an Account Executive for an insurance company. The Bitanga family relocated back to Manila in 2007, for her husband’s business. Her passion for interior design resulted from them moving every year with Vicki having to remodel and redecorate each time.